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Claw Grabby is an online retail shop based in New Zealand. Our aim is to provide a wide range of gifts and specialty items with a cute theme to the local and global market. These include plush toys, stationery, and gifts. We stock Japanese brand Amuse, creators of Alpacasso. We also have Pusheen the Cat merchandise and a wide range of blind boxes.

03 December 2018

Merry Christmas x Claw Grabby Store

Christmas is almost here! 
Find super cute gifts in the Claw Grabby Store! 

30 October 2018



Armageddon 2018 x Claw Grabby Store

This year Claw Grabby Store had a pop up stand at the annual Armageddon Expo in Auckland, New Zealand! We had a great time and met lots of lovely people! Thank you to everyone who supports Claw Grabby Store!

Wholesome Corgi x Claw Grabby Store

Coming soon! Wholesome Corgi series by Amuse Japan!

They have cute smiley faces! Happy to see you!

13 October 2018

Pote Koro Friends Series 2 - Take It Easy Series x Claw Grabby Store

Pote Koro Friends series 3 x Take It Easy! Coming soon to the Claw Grabby Store

Line up includes: 
Asleep Brown Squirrel
Black Cat
Yellow Piglet
Grey Hamster
Brown Shiba
Awake Orange Squirrel
Calico Cat
Pink Bunny 

Alpaca-chan x Fortnite x Claw Grabby Store

Higemanjyu Cat Plushies x Claw Grabby Store

Coming Soon! Higemanjyu Cat Plushies! 
On the chonk chart I would say that these little round babies are sitting between 'hefty chonk' and 'mega chonk' level. 

Please refer to the chonk chart. 



07 September 2018

Pusheenimals Blind Box Series 7 x Claw Grabby Store


11 July 2018

Aomuke Fuwa Fuwa Friends Series 2 x Claw Grabby Store

Aomuke Fuwa Fuwa Friends Series 2 x Claw Grabby Store

Shiba Inu - Dog 
Ratsuko - Otter 
Neko - Cat 
Kitsune - Fox 
Usagi - Bunny 

Coming Soon! Gudetama Plushies x Claw Grabby Store

Gudetama is coming to the Claw Grabby Store!
This super adorable character will be available late August / Early October.

This plush will come in three sizes, keychain, small and medium.
 Pricing will range from $12 - $35NZD.

26 June 2018

NEW! Claw Grabby Store Products for June 2018 Dinosaur Mascots Pusheen AND More

Things are picking up here at the Claw Grabby Store as two major events are coming up! Overload expo and Armageddon expo are just around the corner and we are planning to bring in a lot of adorable goodies.
We are building up our blind boxes, piling up our plushies and stocking up our stationery! Keep an eye out on our facebook page for updates on these awesome events!

June 2018 Products
New Arrivals to the Claw Grabby Store!
Below are just a few of the new products added to the Claw Grabby Store website!

21 March 2018

New Cute Products Alert x Claw Grabby Store

Check out these cute new products now available in the Claw Grabby Store! 

Pusheen Magical Kitties Blind Boxes Series 6! 

New Sailor moon little charms series 4 features

Crisis Moon Compact, Kaleidomoon Scope, Rainbow Moon Chalice

Space Sword, Deep Aqua Mirror, Garnet Orb, Silence Glaive

Sumikko Cheap Sweets Blind Boxes

Lots of new blind boxes, including Sumikko Gurashi, Pokemon, Pusheen and more! If you are a fan of adorable collectables then this is the store for you! Claw Grabby store is based in New Zealand and we ship locally and internationally! If you would like to stock your product in our shop and if it meets the criteria of being totally adorable, then do not hesitate to contact us!
If you are based in Japan and have a cute cute product you wish to promote to a wider audience then get in touch!

20 January 2018

Mameshiba Brothers Puchimaru Series x Claw Grabby Store

NEW! Puchimaru Mameshiba Brothers Series. 
2018 Year of the Dog - Super cute plush charms for good luck! 
Avaliable now in the Claw Grabby Store! 

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NEW! Fresh Punch Make Up Pouches and Card Holders!

NEW! Fresh Punch Make Up Pouches and Card Holders!
New to the Claw Grabby Store - Super sweet brand Freshpunch by Sanrio.

Claw Grabby is now stocking some very cute make-up / accessory pouches and super adorable
card pass holders! 

If you have a sweet tooth then this brand is perfect for you! 

16 January 2018

Happy 2018 - Year of the Dog

Happy 2018
 Year of the Dog 

It is going to be another fun filled year for Claw Grabby! 
Our first event of the year is Japan Day on the 25th February! 
Come along and celebrate Japanese culture! 

Some cute items coming soon to Claw Grabby Store...

Coroham Coron Fruit Mix Series

Kyun to Nakiusagi - Big Plush

Mameshiba Brothers Puchimaru Series 

Nekozanmai Sushi Cat Series <3 Big Plush

New Arrivals from the Christmas holidays...

Popular Japanese characters Aomuke Friends. 
Super squishy and stretchy mochi like plushies! 

Yellow Chick - Hiyoko 
Racoon - Arariguma 
Pink Rabbit - Usagi 
Beige Cat - Neko 
White Seal - Azarashi 
Blue Penguin - Pengin

W 12x D8x H16cm
Check them out click the picture link ...

Sammy The Patissier Colourful Cupcakes! 

Cafe de N Croissant Donuts

Sunnys Kitchen Frozen Yogurt