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Claw Grabby is an online retail shop based in New Zealand. Our aim is to provide a wide range of gifts and specialty items with a cute theme to the local and global market. These include plush toys, stationery, and gifts. We stock Japanese brand Amuse, creators of Alpacasso. We also have Pusheen the Cat merchandise and a wide range of blind boxes.

29 February 2016

Claw Grabby Store x Unboxing of Re-ment items - Gudetama and Sumikko Gurashi charms!

Check out this un-boxing of the Gudetama and Sumikko Gurashi re-ment charms! Made by me! Jenna of the Claw Grabby Store! Some very cute items there! Loving both the gudetama and the sumikko gurashi characters at the moment! Super cute and awesome!

In this video I open one of each of these re-ment toys. And you will see the boxes are not 100% mint as my daughter decided to open them first! Little cheeky!

Here is a behind the scenes photo of my set up! Super sophisticated and detailed! As you can see! Not the best at impromptu / casual speaking so I have a little script there on the table ^_^ All I use in the set up is a tripod and my phone to record!

I hope you enjoy!

Claw Grabby Store x Up Coming Event! Manukau Armageddon!

16 February 2016

Latest Pusheen Merch! x Claw Grabby Store!

New to the Claw Grabby Store! 

Pusheenosaurus Medium Plush

Super cool and green Pusheenosaurus the dinosaur pusheen loves to roar! Made from soft plush minky and embroidered details, combine your love of dinosaurs with your love of Pusheen the Cat!
Measurements: 30cm (W) 20cm (H) 11cm (D)

Pusheen Blind Box 
Adopt your very own mini pusheen plush! 8 Styles to collect! Each box has a mystery 3" pusheen plush with ball and chain so you can attach to bags etc. 

13 February 2016

New Arrivals! Alpacasso Kids Lovely!

Claw Grabby Store has some super sweet new arrivals.... Alpacasso Kids Lovely series! This series is super delish! Some wonderful new styles, we stock the 12cm and 16cm designs in 4 different colours.

Choco Chan - A lovely chocolate brown alpaca with white and blue polka dot tie and a strawberry detail.

Momo Chan - Super sweet rose pink alpaca with white and blue polka dot head bow and a strawberry detail.

Shiro Chan - Marsh mellow white with a red and white polka dot tie and a strawberry detail.

Lavender Chan (Rabenda Chan) - Lovely light lavender purple alpaca with a sweet white and pink polka dot head bow and strawberry detail.

Now in stock and on the Claw Grabby Store website and on trade me (for NZ buyers)

09 February 2016

Coming Soon! Pusheen Blind Box Surprise x Claw Grabby Store!

Adopt your very own mini pusheen plush! 8 Styles to collect! Each box has a mystery 3" pusheen plush with ball and chain so you can attach to bags etc. Keep an eye out for more updates to come!

06 February 2016

Claw Grabby Store x Neko Atsume Plush Phone Charms by Hit-Point!

Check out our newest promotional pic for our newest range of cool accessories!
Neko Atsume Plush Charms merchandise from the popular app Neko Atsume!

In this range there are 4 designs, pepper, sunny, peaches and pickles! Collect them all!
Find them here -->

Coming Soon x Alpacasso Kids Lovely x Claw Grabby Store

Coming soon to the Claw Grabby Store NZ - Alpacasso Kids Lovely series! By Amuse Japan.

Claw Grabby x Chanrio Maker x Super Mario Maker

Hello! Welcome to the Claw Grabby Store blog! Here at Claw Grabby we are huge fans of all things cool and japan related! Recently there have been interactive websites popping up which allow you to make custom images from famous brands. Here are two cool examples below. 

Allows you to make cute chibi characters based off the Sanrio Hello kitty style of design. 
We used colours that best represented our shop and style preference. She is holding a laptop which represents our online business and cute kimono representing our love of all things Japanese! 
You can find the Chanrio maker website here -->

Super Mario Maker! 
This was pretty fun to make, we just took a screen grab of the final product
but you can download your creation and use it on your computer or cellphone. 
We went with the classic mario brick blocks as they are bold and stand out, much like our shop! 
You can find the Super Mario Maker here -->

Thank you for reading our Claw Grabby Blog!

Check out our merch here

Claw Grabby Store x Valentines Day!


If you are looking for the perfect valentines day gift, then look no further! 
Here at the Claw Grabby Store we stock many cute items that are the perfect way to say 'I love you!' 

We have some very cute Puchimaru Dinosaur plush charms by Amuse Japan. Great for the geeky guy or gal. There are even boy and girl versions of two of the designs, great for his and hers (or his and his or hers and hers) matching plush accessories. 

We also have some magical Pusheenicorn plush toys by Gund. A truly wonderful gift for a truly wonderful person in your life. 

Please browse our amazing website full of cute goodies and you will surely find a special gift for your loved one! 

Hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day! 

From Jenna 

04 February 2016

Neko Atsume x Claw Grabby Store

NEW! Super awesome Neko Atsume plush phone accessories! These little plushies are super cute and awesome, collect them all! Great for bags and phones.
Sunny - 8cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm
Pepper - 8cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm
Peaches - 11cm (Length - tail inc) x 7.5cm x 4cm
Pepper - 11cm (Length - tail inc) x 7.5cm x 4cm
They have a metal ball and chain loop attachment as well as a black elastic attachment with a headphone jack adaptor.
Be super cool with a new awesome piece of merch from a super cool popular game!
Claw Grabby Store!
Buy here international
Buy here NZ

Claw Grabby Store x Amuse Puchimaru Dinosaurs

New to the Claw Grabby Store! Puchimaru Dinosaurs by Amuse Japan! There are 10 cute designs!
Claw Grabby Store is the only stockists of Amuse plushies in New Zealand! We also ship internationally!
Buy them here --> Puchimaru Dinosaurs