Claw Grabby Store!

Claw Grabby is an online retail shop based in New Zealand. Our aim is to provide a wide range of gifts and specialty items with a cute theme to the local and global market. These include plush toys, stationery, and gifts. We stock Japanese brand Amuse, creators of Alpacasso. We also have Pusheen the Cat merchandise and a wide range of blind boxes.

26 July 2016

Pote Koro Friends Plush Animal Mascots! x Claw Grabby Store!

Check out the Pote Koro friends series of super cute plush animal mascots! There are 8 designs, all based off real super cute animals!

These are a series of plush toys designed as prizes for UFO machines in Japan. As Claw Grabby Store is totally all about cute machine prizes we had to sell these little babies in our online shop!

Lop-Eared Rabbit
White Rabbit
Black Cat
Calico Cat

We are selling them for $8NZD which is a great price! (New Zealand Dollar)
Measurements - W6.5 x D8.5 x H6 cm
These come with ball and chain to attached to bags etc.

25 July 2016

Products coming soon to the Claw Grabby Store! X Pusheen plush re-stocks, Rilakkuma Re-Ment, Pikachu cuties, Squishies and more!


We are having a very busy month here at the Claw Grabby Store! Working hard to find the coolest products for the awesomest customers here in New Zealand and Internationally!

Up and coming products, Rilakkuma Re-Ment Honey Sweets Blind Box! 8 super cute designs, which will you get! I really love the sleepy Rilakkuma with the pancake blanket, it is crazy cute!

We also have some super squishy Osomatsu-san Frappuccino mascots coming soon! Great for your squishy collection, these are elite squishies imported from Japan!

There are also some big events coming up -

- Overload manga and comic convention on the 24th September 2016 
This year Overload will be held at the Cloud Convention Centre, Queens Wharf, Auckland! It should be lots of fun with awesome guests and mini competitions throughout the day! 

- Auckland Armageddon which we attend every year!

Armageddon is an amazing 4 day event with lots to see and do! This event is from the 21st - 24th October and is New Zealand's largest pop culture expo.

We also have some more plushy goodness from Amuse Japan heading this way! The new series of Tuchineko Pen Pouches and some super large plushy Alpacasso Kirin Star series!

Pikachu Putitto Blind Boxes!

And just a re-cap from the last blog post about our 2 squishy ranges - we are introducing Squish-Elite and Squish-E-Saves. These provide buyers with more information about the products they are buying.

Squish-Elite are high end, name-brand and 100% authentic Squishies guaranteed! Imported from Japan. These are sold on the claw grabby website and trade me. Includes brands such as ibloom, J-Dream and more!

Squish-E-Saves are good quality squishies and a great price for collecting without breaking the bank. We try to source the best deals and pass the savings on to you the customer!

It is also good to note that as squishies are gaining more and more popularity, many customers collections are growing. I thought it would be best to create a 'Squishy Guidelines' page on this blog, to let people know more about how to care for and protect their new investments.

Here is the squishy guidelines...

Squishy Guidelines and information

1) Parents and guardians must read and follow the below guidelines.
2) Please keep squishies out of reach from children under 6 years of age unless supervised by parents or guardians.
3) Squishy products are strictly not for human consumption. Please do not eat.
4) Please keep squishies away from fire.
5) Squishy products are very delicate, especially on uneven surfaces. Please do not put pressure and avoid pulling, tight holding on the delicate surfaces as this may cause tearing.
6) Please be aware the product may lose its scent and colors over time. This may happen especially in products with white or pearl finish by turning yellow.
7) Please do not place our products inside any type of baggage. The product may stick or damage the inside by discoloration and tear. Please make sure products are stored inside the original package after use and keep away from the sun and heat
8) Please avoid direct contact with other product as the color may transfer.
9) For any key chain squishies, please do not wrap the key chain around the fingers to avoid injuries.
10) Please do not leave the key chain and the product body while in contact. It may leave traces of the key chain and change the color of the product due to a chemical reaction depending on the environment. When stored, please keep the product body and key chain separately.
11)The surface of the products may be sticky due to temperature and humidity. It is recommended before you handle the product that you leave the product outside of its packaging to let it dry. Please take extra caution while the product is being dried to keep the surface away from dirt. If the product surface sticks, slowly stretch and pull the affected area, which should bring the product back to its original form. Also, please be aware that after drying you may notice some glazing on the surface.
12) Please be aware that you may see some breakage or rough edging near partition lines as the products are carefully made one by one using scissors. This is unavoidable due to production process. For this reason, we are unable to treat these damage as a defect. We kindly appreciate your understanding. However, please do not hesitate to contact if the damage is severe.
13) Please be aware that the scent and the texture may differ even the product is from the same line.

23 July 2016

Claw Grabby Store Squishy Announcement!

Hello! Here is a super awesome squishy update!

We have decided to create a better squishy guide for buyers, to help them make more informed decisions when purchasing squishies for gifts or collections.

We have created two categories in which our products will be divided into...

The first one is

100% Licensed top quality squishies.
Guaranteed Authenticity
Top Brands!
Squishy masterpieces!
Imported from Japan

This category aims to provide very high quaility brands such as ibloom, J-Dream, NIC, Sanrio, Hamee, Sammy, Cafe De N and many more. These will be rare squishies, great for collectors.

The next category is the

Best deals!
Wide range
Affordable Squishies!
Good Quality
Great fun!

This category aims to provide a wide range of good quality squishies, great for expanding your collection without breaking the bank! We will be bringing you the best deals and unique gems!

The Squish-E-Saves will be sold exclusively on the 

14 July 2016

Claw Grabby Store New Zealand x Gudetama Large Ham Plush and Mini Plush Accessories!

Claw Grabby Store New Zealand x Gudetama Large Ham Plush and Mini Plush Accessories!

Just in! Gudetama Plushies! Big and small! Very Cute!

13 July 2016

Samezu Shark x Claw Grabby Store x Pokemon Go

Hello Everybody! New update here, with all the latest goings on from the Claw Grabby Store! We got in a lot of cute goodies recently... Samezu Shark! Restocks and new plushies!

Been pretty busy playing pokemon go a lot lately! What team are you? I chose valor!

Here is a break down of all the Samezu products that are available here in the Claw Grabby store New Zealand!

Samezu Plush Mascot - super cute and squishy Samezu plush! A great companion for cute shark lovers.