Claw Grabby Store!

Claw Grabby is an online retail shop based in New Zealand. Our aim is to provide a wide range of gifts and specialty items with a cute theme to the local and global market. These include plush toys, stationery, and gifts. We stock Japanese brand Amuse, creators of Alpacasso. We also have Pusheen the Cat merchandise and a wide range of blind boxes.

30 November 2017

New Arrivals x Claw Grabby Store December 2017

Super cute new arrivals! 

Shyutokeki - Short Cake (white/yellow cake slice) 
Kiyandei - Candy 
Mukaron - Macaron (Blue/White)
Purin - Pudding (Yellow/dark brown w/red cherry) 
Chiyokodonatsu - Donut (brown)
Donatsu - Donut (pink/brown) 
Rorukeike - Roll Cake (white/yellow w/pink swirl) 
Katsupukeike - Cupcake (pink/white/brown) 
Aisukuriimu - Ice Cream (Brown/mint) 
Hottsutokeiki - Hot Cakes (pancakes/ Brown/yellow)

Hamster - Yellow 
Hedgehog - Purple 
Squirrel Sitting - Brown 
Cat - Grey 
Bunny - Pink 
Ferret - Grey 
Cat - Blue 
Pig - Pink 
Cat - Pink/white 
Chipmunk - Brown 
W 6x D6.5 x H8.5 cm

Kuromame (black) 
Mesama (white/brown/black) 
Torakichi (Brown w/stripes)

H20 × W33 × D 48 cm
Very big squishy and plushy plush kitties!