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Claw Grabby is an online retail shop based in New Zealand. Our aim is to provide a wide range of gifts and specialty items with a cute theme to the local New Zealand market as well as the global market. These include plush toys, stationery, and gifts.

We stock Japanese brand Amuse, creators of Alpacasso and higemanjyu. We also have Pusheen the Cat merchandise and a wide range of blind boxes.

17 April 2015

Welcome to the Claw Grabby Shop / Blog!

Hamilton Armageddon Expo - New Zealand - March 2015

Hello! Welcome to the NEW Claw Grabby shop / blog!

My name is Jenna and I am based in New Zealand. I love all things cute and plushie, this is my shop! I am currently building up products in my shop and hope to be bringing you an awesome range of products in the near future!

The name Claw Grabby comes from my love of Claw Grabby Machines. It is pretty much the name I call them all the time. They always have hard to get stuff in them and that is what I want to offer in my store. Rare and quirky items that you wouldn't find in a regular shop.

My first aim is to sell mostly to a New Zealand fan base and then hopefully branch out over time to include more international customers.

You can also find Claw Grabby on facebook -

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